Monday, September 5, 2011

65 years

65 years ago,

  • It's A Wonderful Life was made
  • gas cost 21 cents a gallon
  • Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby crooned
  • the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series
  • the Slinky was one year old
  • Harry S. Truman was president
  • women wore dresses and tight curls
  • men defined dapper

and my grandparents, Carroll Milton Casey and Marcella Jean Pinnick, tied the knot on a Sunday morning.

She wore a smart two-piece suit, and he wore a suit that was "the most beautiful shade of blue." They were married in a church 6 miles away from her small town. There was no separate room for the bride to wait, so she and her attendant, Ruby, huddled behind the church's front door. Grandpa stood at the front with the pastor and hoped that Grandma were hear the first chord of the organ, her signal to begin walking. Ruby wouldn't walk the aisle herself, so Grandma went down with her!

We celebrated my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary last weekend. 65 years is a long time. The changes they've seen over the span of their marriage are many. But the God they serve has not changed. His love is constant over miles of inflation and progress and heartache and a world spinning and a family growing and swelling. It was just two people that early fall day in Kansas, and now it's 21 people and counting. We celebrate, and under everything--the laughter and jokes and moments of tension--the Everlasting Arms hold strong, and there's grace, grace enough to outlast the next 65 years.

Still looks pretty dapper in a suit, doesn't he?

And she looks lovely yet.

Happy 65th Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!

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