Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louie, Louie

We spent a couple of days in St. Louis last week before we hit home. It was delightful. There is something about travel that makes me feel so alive and spiritually alert. Little changes for a few days bring me such joy and open my heart to see God's Kingdom from a new angle.

We left Lake City at four in the morning last Wednesday. We were on the road at the same time those fugitives from Florida were caught in Southern Colorado. I give this detail to spice up the 14 hour drive to Kansas City, which really was quite ho-hum. Except for the part when Aaron rolled up the window on my toes.

We rolled into suburban KC about 10:30 at night and pulled ourselves out of bed at 6 ayem the night morning to board the AMTRAK! We rode a train to St. Louis! How stinkin' fun is that? We figured between gas and parking fees in St. Louis, we'd have spent about as much to drive.

Priceline came through with a sweet hotel deal...

and we spent the next two days EATING!

Crepes and

Italian and

gelato and

leftovers in the park.

We went only to places within walking distance.

Old courthouse and

old post office and

the Gateway Arch.

It was an awesome trip, and we return to Bolivar with joy and peace. Each day is a gift, and whether we're living the good life in Louie or getting back in the groove of work, we are blessed!

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