Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God bless the zinnias

A scorching hot summer + leaving for 6 weeks = sadness and sorrow for the garden.

As my sister said, "Why did you plant so many flowers when you knew you were leaving?"

Why sister, I was wondering the same thing.

Bless my sister and mother, who came over as much as they could to water. But when the weather is 100 degrees glued tight to three weeks, what can be done?

Only a few plants died for good and gone. A coneflower, some dahlias, a cardinal lobelia, and that delphinium that wasn't in the budget in the first place. It was accursed.

The strawberry oxalis is making a comeback.

The irises are brown and have holes in their leaves.

The astible never bloomed.

The black-eyed Susan made a valiant effort.

The salvia looks great. Almost like it didn't have to live through a Missouri summer. Almost as if I asked Aaron to squeeze a few plants into a Honda Civic plump with suitcases and bikes and camping gear. You don't take plants on roadtrips? Weird.

But the zinnias. Oh the zinnias. Two packets of $1.00 Wal-mart seed never looked so good.

I love the zinnias. I am forever allied with them. They are happy, bright, heat-loving, and the more you pick them, the more they bloom. What's not to love about them?

Come April, buy a package of zinnia seeds. Scatter them in some scratched up soil. Water when you remember.

Come August, you will feel like you are a real gardener after all.


  1. "Bless my sister and mother, who came over ...". Not to mention your Dad who also helped. Oh, wait, you didn't mention him. Hmm...

  2. This is your sister who feels like she needs to say a couple of things in her defense. 1) I really think it was hotter than 100 degrees most of the days. 2) "Who came over as much as they could to water" should read "who came over to water 3x more often than I told them the flowers would need to be watered when I talked them into being my summer gardeners".

    Love you Lara! Can't wait to see pics next year of your beautiful garden that survived this cray summer. There will be pics of much more than zinnias, I'm confident. :)

  3. Your momma has to post a comment too! I want you to know how hard I tried to keep that delpinium alive. It actually bloomed before we left on vacation, and I thought it was going to make it. It was the most beautiful color blue I have ever seen! So it might be worth planting again next year if hubby says it's in the budget!

    Love, Mom