Friday, August 5, 2011

family time

It has been a great couple weeks of family time!

My mom and dad were able to come spend 4 days with us, and Rachel, Nathan, and kids were able to hop over for a day and a half during a break from a conference in Colorado Springs. This made almost one whole Casey clan; Peter was at Kanakuk doing good work. We missed you, bro!

The Windy Point overlook. Some switchbacks to ascend, but an awesome view at the top. Right, sis? :) I was in the background doing my Russian/clown dance to pull out those smiles.

Look at that little guy! Is it any wonder I melt under his influence? "Hodo me, Lara!" Translated, "Hold me, Lara." OF COURSE!

The men dominated some horseshoes, and Abby hit Poppa square in the head with hers.

A last breakfast at the bakery with my parents.

Ryan, Aaron's brother, came to visit us about a week after my parents left. He got in around 10 at night, and 7 hours later, we dragged him out of bed to hike Mt. Wetterhorn with us. Mt. Wetterhorn was the last local fourteener we needed to summit. It is the most technical of the five fourteeners scattered around Lake City, but with some slow, steady grips we made it to the top!

Around 5:30 in the morning, right after we realized our borrowed Jeep wouldn't make it to the trailhead. Luckily, the early parking only tacked on 1/2 mile to our hike.

There's the mount, dominating the horizon.

The last hundred feet of steep ascent.

And we made it! Such an exhilarating rush to stand on a doorstep of the heavens and see this any way you turn:

A few days later, Aaron and Ryan biked the entire Alpine Loop, a distance of 50 miles and an elevation climb of over 5,500 feet. What powerhouses!

Standing at the top of Cinnamon Pass, one of two passes they had to climb on the loop.

We leave for Missouri in two days. So in the next 48 hours, we will be living up the ice-cream mountain life! Peace out and we'll see all you Bolivar people soon!

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