Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sharing this sweet town

Another post that was written about a month ago but never posted due to Internet difficulties...

the beautiful San Juans

This is the view from my lawn chair this morning. There is no better place for summer rejuvenation than our dear Lake City. We've been here for 3 weeks now, and are halfway done. That's the trouble with living life in two different places: I was sad to leave Bolivar to wend west, but in three weeks, I will be sad to drive the highway home.

We have been busy working, working, working, along with some reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends, all of which we've generously sprinkled with healthy doses of ice-cream.

Our friends Nick and Brittany came to visit last week. We loved sharing our mountain life with them! They just returned from half a year in China, and are now moving to Topeka. We wish they weren't leaving Bolivar, as they were the couple we would call for last minute dinners, game nights, or movie dates. Finding couple friends that really click is harder than finding single friends, and Nick and Brit were a huge part of our fellowship in Bolivar.

Any visit to LC has to include an introduction to the soda shop.

I got to use Brittany's nice camera for a few minutes and pretend I was a real photographer.

We took them up Cataract Gulch, one of our favorite hikes.

My family comes in for a visit this weekend, which we're excited about! It is fun for Aaron and I to share this place that's laid down a claim in our hearts.

There aren't too many more updates. Life here is a mosaic of ordinary and breathtaking things. It's everyday life bubble-wrapped with a little more rest and beauty than we're used to.

We are blessed.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Quick Update

Hey from Lake City! This is just a glimpse of what we get to look at every day. For the last week or so, it's been snowing.... snowing cotton. Super excited about seeing some awesome people in the next weeks. It has been nice being free from cell phones, computers, and even some tv. Traded it in for some ice cream, biking, mountains, hikes, and reading. Eight thumbs up (if I had eight thumbs... which would be a bit awkward).