Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Year with Photobooth

I thought it would be fun to do a "Year in Review" post using only pictures from Photobooth.

As I was compiling the pictures, I realized two things.

1) We really like to take pictures of ourselves.

2) Because of Photobooth, we have a lot of quirky, silly pictures of the last year. I like that.

This is right after we got back from Colorado and the first picture we took on Photobook. I made that shirt with a bleach pen. It was a really fun shirt until it stretched out. I am blaming the big blue box store it came from...Wal-mart...cough, cough.

Our interpretation of American Gothic by Grant Wood. Is anyone else a little freaked out by the ax?

This is always the face I make when Aaron kisses me. Always.

Excited! Maybe about going on a date? Yay for Date Day Wednesday! The picture behind me I got for a QUARTER at a garage sale. It's an original oil painting. Believe in the power of the garage sale, people.

After a run. Photobooth is up for documenting all kinds of situations.

Aaron caught the moon. And he has a hole in his cheek.

What's better than one Aaron? Two Aarons.

Date at Panera!

Honey, you are looking so handsome.

Kristen, I loved it when you came to visit. This is probably the only picture of us where you look taller.

Sister time! Rach is not as vain as I am, but she tolerated one Photobooth picture.

And that's our year through the Cyclops eye of our MacBook.


  1. Lara! Haha i love this! This is one of those posts where I smile and think, "this is why we are friends. and we should hang out more." So sorry we didn't get together before your CO trip, but maybe sometime at the end of the summer??
    p.s. keep your eyes peeled for some snail mail :)

  2. Lara - are your parents coming out to visit you guys in CO? It would be so much fun to drive up to see you guys. Welcome once again to our beautiful state! Kathy Bergman (Bruce's wife)

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