Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Year with Photobooth

I thought it would be fun to do a "Year in Review" post using only pictures from Photobooth.

As I was compiling the pictures, I realized two things.

1) We really like to take pictures of ourselves.

2) Because of Photobooth, we have a lot of quirky, silly pictures of the last year. I like that.

This is right after we got back from Colorado and the first picture we took on Photobook. I made that shirt with a bleach pen. It was a really fun shirt until it stretched out. I am blaming the big blue box store it came from...Wal-mart...cough, cough.

Our interpretation of American Gothic by Grant Wood. Is anyone else a little freaked out by the ax?

This is always the face I make when Aaron kisses me. Always.

Excited! Maybe about going on a date? Yay for Date Day Wednesday! The picture behind me I got for a QUARTER at a garage sale. It's an original oil painting. Believe in the power of the garage sale, people.

After a run. Photobooth is up for documenting all kinds of situations.

Aaron caught the moon. And he has a hole in his cheek.

What's better than one Aaron? Two Aarons.

Date at Panera!

Honey, you are looking so handsome.

Kristen, I loved it when you came to visit. This is probably the only picture of us where you look taller.

Sister time! Rach is not as vain as I am, but she tolerated one Photobooth picture.

And that's our year through the Cyclops eye of our MacBook.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tasks and anniversaries

As my sister and I have grown into adults, we've had several laughs about how task-oriented we are. My sister has always bent toward this, but it's very humorous that I now lean towards lists, structure, order, and accomplishing as much as possible in a day. Anyone who knew me as a child sees the humor in that. We think we inherit the task trait from our lovely Mom, who taught us how to work hard and always has a project in hand. With three days left until Aaron and I migrate to Colorado for the rest of the summer, my list is long and my hopes are high. Today, I was going to finish sewing some curtains and a new duvet for our bedroom. True, we won't be here for the next six weeks to enjoy them, but I would feel so settled just knowing it was done and waiting for us upon return...ol' Kenny the Kenmore has other ideas. His idea is to break. Super.

Elizabeth Elliot, one of my favorite authors, also shares the task gene. She writes,

"One morning my computer simply would not obey me. What a nuisance. I had my work laid out, my timing figured, my mind all set. My work was delayed, my timing thrown off, my thinking interrupted. Then I remember. IT was not for nothing. This was part of the Plan (not mine, His). Lord, You have assigned me my portion and my cup.

Now if the interruption had been a human being instead of an infuriating mechanism, it would not have been so hard to see it as the most important part of the work of the day. But all is under my Father's control: yes, recalcitrant computers, faulty transmissions, drawbridges which happen to be up when one is in a hurry. My portion. My cup. My lot is secure. My heart can be at peace. My Father is in charge. How simple!"

You can find me there today: not at my sewing table, but at the place of simple rest. The kaputt sewing machine is not out of His control. Seems silly to say, but there is peace. He knows my day. Here's my list.


Mom, first, thanks for teaching us how to work hard--it's not a bad thing! Second, here are the anniversary pictures you requested. Aaron took me to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, last weekend to celebrate two years of marriage. Gotta celebrate the little ones on the way to the big ones!

Aaron picked out Elk Street Cottage without any help from yours truly. The whole trip was a surprise; I couldn't get it out of him because now he understands that although I ask, I don't really want to know.

We spent most of our time in this darling house. I kept saying things like, "Ooo, check out this woodwork," or "I would just die if I had cabinets like these!" Aaron is used to me gushing about antique house features, and all my exclamations only proved that he picked the right place.

But, seriously, check out those kitchen cabinets and that farmhouse sink.

And a French press just the size for one,

and cozy nooks everywhere you turned,

and wildflowers in the front and rocking chairs on the porch,

and lounging on the couch with ceiling fan whirring above.

Saturday night we dressed up, made a steak dinner, and stayed in. Coincidence that our steak is in the shape of a HEART? Even the cows knew it was the time for love.

After dinner, I talked Aaron into taking ridiculous amounts of self-timer pictures. Haha. Truly fun for me, maybe not quite the thrill for my dear husband, who was already staying in a very dainty cottage for the weekend. :)

This picture says it all. I heart him. What a guy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good news/bad news

The good news is that I'm painting the dining room Oatland Subtle Taupe from Lowe's.
The bad news is that it's almost identical to the gallon of Walmart's Geneva Swan Gray which I decided wasn't quite right.

The bad news is that Aaron said I had to use painter's tape.
The good news is that I think it will peel the grime off the baseboards which I never got around to spring cleaning.

The good news is we pulled the massive antique piano out from the wall and now I can clean the floor underneath.
The bad news is it smells like a dead animal died in the back of it. (Aaron, can you tape the woodwork behind the piano, because I'm kind of afraid to go back there? Thanks, babe.)

The bad news is that when I ask my husband if I can buy a new delphinium that is such a pretty shade of blue, he says, "Do we have money in the budget? If we do, sure." And I have to stall the answer while I try to figure out how to make money drop from the sky into the gardening envelope.
The good news is that delphiniums are very hard to grow.

The good news is that I'm writing on my blog after a long silence.
The bad news is that my paintbrush is drying out.

Pictures of the subtle taupy goodness of our dining room to come soon...