Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go watch this

The next time you have eight free hours, watch this.

We watched it first this summer in Colorado.

We watched it again over the last two months, spread between weekend nights and snitched free hours.

It is magnificent. You will like it. It's probably better than everything Hollywood put out this year. I can't promise for sure because I normally don't like to watch movies. I did see the Justin Bieber movie at the theater, which was one of those things I did for the love of my small group girls.

In closing, I promise you, you need some new friends. And their names are Esther, Ada, Richard, Mr. Jarndyce, and Lady Dedlock. And they live in that case up there.

Of the only post I have ever written about a movie, I say,

the end.


  1. We just watched a trailer for this today. Weird!

    I have finished "Cranford" in record time (two days). It is day four of my honey being bedridden with the flu :( He would pretty much watch anything out of boredom so I roped him into it!

    Have you watched Little Dorritt yet?

    I miss you! Thinking of you lots!

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