Thursday, March 24, 2011

Breaking in the Spring

It's Spring Break! Wahoo! We love Spring Break!

We went camping with a bunch of kids we love.

Jumped off high platforms and spun around, otherwise known as barnswinging.

Ate too much at Lambert's Cafe, home of the original throwed roll.

The last time I remember barnswinging and eating at Lambert's was when I was 14 or 15 in my youth group. Am I old enough to be on the other side?

Now home from camping, and we're working on some home projects. Aaron is taking a bunch of boards and hammering out magic.

I am amazed by my husband, who is willing to learn any handyman skill and has great results. I told him earlier in the year I thought it would be great if we had bookcases on either side of our fireplace that looked like built-ins. Our house was built in the 30s and has Craftsman features, and I thought bookcases would add to the charm.

Who needs Ikea when you've got da Weaver?

While Aaron works on becoming the next Bob Vila, I am painting our bedroom.

Goodbye peachy tan that has always sort of bothered me. In the big scheme of things, I know peachy bedroom paint doesn't matter. But for a 11 dollar gallon of paint at Walmart, we are on our way to a soft gray oasis for marital bliss. Doesn't that sound like a good deal for 11 dollars?

Painting clothes + cold weather = very strange outfit. But we're at home and no one cares! I love wearing ridiculous, comfortable outfits. There was one year of college where I dressed up and wore make-up every single day in an effort to secure the affections of the campus dreamboat, and that was dumb. There are times for dressing up, but dad-gummed if I don't like the sweatpant days 100 times better.

So here we are, Aaron in his backwards cap and me in my stockings and cut-off sweats, and we couldn't be having a better Spring Break. We are listening to old-school Waterdeep which takes me right back to being 16 and to newer-school Jon Foreman which takes me right back to the spring Aaron and I started dating.

We're breaking in the spring, and it feels just right. Comfy as my soft, holey sweats.

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  1. How I wish I had one of those...happy people I love have a spring break even if I don't. ..your speaking of painting reminded me of stripping all of that wallpaper off the walls in Christy's apartment when we went to see her over spring break in Connecticut .That was a fun trip .I'm glad we did that.