Saturday, January 15, 2011


Every Friday morning at 9:00, the munchkins come to visit. My sister and her family live a mile away from our house. Last year, knowing this proximity would not be long lasting, we set up a weekly time for our niece and nephew to come over.

Thus Friday morning time was born. I wish we had a cool name for it, but we don't. Let's see. We could call it "Aunts and Uncles are the Best" time. (Too narcissistic.) Or "How Does My Sister Do This Every Day?" time. (Doesn't convey how fun it really is.) Or "I Haven't Used My Imagination This Much Since Last Friday" time. (Way too long.) Scrap the title. They come, and we love it. We take the kids for 4-7 hours, depending on the week. My sister gets some Mommy down time to do whatever her heart pleases, and Aaron and I get to play with the two sweetest munchkins we know.

With a charmer like this on the premises, it's not a wonder we give in to spoiling galore.

That smile brings out the chocolate every time. Smart cookie.

But it's not all chocolate and games around here. No sirree. With lunch comes the inevitable--the dreaded vegetable. Celery was the foe this week.

She ponders. "I have to eat this green stick with stwings before I get down?"

"Uh, maybe I could use that smile Drew uses."

"Okay! Chew fast, chew fast, think about that Curious George TV show I love, chew fast!"

"Do you think she'll notice the piece I'm sitting on?"

Often, we offer some mind-stimulating games for the young prodigies.

"With this game, I heard we can take over the world!"

No Friday would be complete without a camp-out under the table.

At this point, we must have been running out of food during a long, harsh winter.

We might not have food, but we have books! Food is for the birds, anyway.

Here, she is telling Aaron is a soft, secret whisper, "I'm starting to feel in my heart that there are some berries over there." You follow that heart, girl.

Pillow fights? Why not? We firmly campaign with the slogan, "Get 'em hyper; send 'em home."

"Hey, wait a minute. I'm not going home until someone can tell me why this Christmas tree is still up."

That's where the fun ended, but not the Christmas tree. Just kidding. About the fun ending part. You know us and the Christmas tree; we're not quitting. Not yet.


  1. What a blessing you two are to your sister! I bet she starts looking forward to Friday on Saturday! Seems like you do, too :-) What adorable kids!
    Haha, and I love the Christmas tree jokes.

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