Friday, January 14, 2011

Kicks are for kids

We get on kicks around here. I am especially prone to this. For example. My favorite color was blue. Then it was red. Now it is blue. How inconvenient that I decorated my kitchen during the red stage. Or, I ate oatmeal every breakfast for a month, and now all I can think every time I consider making it is glob. I've sorta been liking leftovers for breakfast lately, but don't think I'm one of those people that eat pizza for breakfast. Because I totally am.

In the first few months of marriage, Aaron and I played a round of Boggle with breakfast. That was when I wrangled him into waking up to eat with me. I have since seen the truth and the light-- that it is better for everyone if he sleeps a little later, and Boggle will have to wait. When breakfast bonding got the ax, Boggle didn't find another slot. It got lost. But now: MASTERMIND. You must say it in all caps to sound like you're taking over the world.

We bought it for .97 cents at the Council for the Blind thrift store. Best .97 cents we ever did spend.

My friend Kristen bought me this Starbucks water cup after I made fun of hers. Lo and behold, it is magic, and I take back all the mean things I thought about it pre-ownership. I think it must be the straw that compels me to drink copious quantities of water. How did I live 26 years and not realize the magic of the straw?

I cannot promise anything regarding the long life-span of this next kick. Disclaimer accounted for, I would like my mom and dental hygienists everywhere to know that I am flossing! Every night! I thought I lost my floss, and one might think that would end the kick, but no. I bought a new package! Oh the dedication! I didn't actually lose the first, as you can see.

We are sooooo on a kick to leave our Christmas tree up. We already mentioned that? Oh.

This sunset was our five o'clock gift today. I'd like to start a kick of these.

Anything y'all have been on a kick for lately? I did just say "y'all". My sweet southern Laura-friend taught me how to say it, and it fits like a glove. Try it. "Y'all" could be your new kick...


  1. Our sunset was gorgeous tonight too! And just a tip, I love flossing now that I have the easy glide stuff. Makes it so much easier!
    Probably our "kick" would be praying right before dinner each night for all of the people who sent us Christmas cards. We take one from the basket, pray for the family and precious loved ones, and then tuck it away in a pretty, crafty box. But I'm hoping this one will stay around at least until we've prayed for everyone!

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