Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Important Things of Life

Nephew Drew & Me

Tonight is still. The dryer downstairs sings its soothing tune while Lara does her creative thing. She's been sick the past 5 days or so, and it is great seeing her get back to her normal self. I think she's trying to make up for all that lost time.

To inform you of what has gone on the past few weeks, the most important is:

We bought a real Christmas tree. If we ever get a fake one, I will not celebrate Christmas. I know, it's not about me, it's about Jesus. But, come on, it's like having your wedding, and your best man, maid of honor, and all the guests are not real but gnomes.

Second, we ended up house sitting and broke the cardinal rule of real Christmas tree caring: watering. Yes, we neglected our fine friend. We ended up house sitting for an amazing family and thus forgot about our tree.
So, Nathan, Rachel, Lara, and I, at 10:30pm, attempted to take the tree out of its stand and saw it with the dullest, flimsiest hack saw. I think a butter knife would have done better.

Not to mention, we kept the decorations on.

But after much labor, we decided to get the big guns out and take it out with a circular saw. Did I tell ya there were two sleeping kids in the house? When all we done, to say the least, we redecorated the tree. Got to change the things we didn't like the first time, right?!

She's asking me to help. I think I will. So much for blogging! Hope this was both informational and entertaining.

5 minutes later...

I've been decommissioned from my duties due to lack of artistic ability.

So one more thing. Lara and I come from two different and distinct camps when it comes to toothpaste etiquette. Lara enjoys squeezing the tube wherever her hand may land (usually the middle of the tube). I, however, enjoy squeezing from the bottom, thus pushing all toothpaste upward getting maximum usage out of an entire tube. All that to say, whether she's a middle of the tube squeezer or not, I still love her.

Where do you squeeze?

Lara made this ginger cookie for me with the great Mary Grace Harris. Gotta love it!

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