Friday, November 19, 2010

Late Nights

So it's late. As many of you know, Lara is not a late night kind of gal. She'd prefer waking up as the sky starts to blush in the morning (do you like how I am trying to be poetic?). I, however, enjoy a long evening and ease into the mid morning. We've come to a consensus that we both do better if I go to bed with her, even when I'm not tired, and she gives me some space in the morning. Tonight's a different night.

Fondue Date with the Hamann's & Eilert's
Tonight, I played a round of Cities & Knights (Settlers of Catan on steroids... ok, a nerd game but I'm fine with that) with some guys. Lara graciously made some koolaid which was quickly named red drink (we work with high school kids, that should explain most things), and baked some cookies. While the guys devour most of it, Lara finishes up a load of dishes and slips behind us to bed. Our lives are not glamorous. A lot of dirty work, behind the scenes. There couldn't be a better woman than Lara who I would want to live this kind of life with.

Date Night in Springfield

Lara has supported and served me in so many ways. From putting up with a house of guys most evenings, to encouraging me and pushing me toward the cross, to being on her knees for me and with me, to her visionary eyes for decorating and for loving people. She has been a woman who has respected and honored me while I feebly try to lead our home in Christ. I truly am way out of my league.
Hillbilly/Western Klub

I have been overwhelmed by her beauty, her grace, her love. I adore you Lara Elise. May God grace us with His divine love for many more days that we may bring His kingdom into this world together.

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