Monday, October 25, 2010

A list of the everyday

1. As a rule, I don't like doing laundry. Who really likes to do laundry except Martha Stewart and that is probably because she has one of those amazing rotary ironers and if I had one of those I might like it too. Laundry does rank above sweeping. Dishes will beat both anytime. One thing about laundry that I love is folding dishtowels and dishcloths. I do a separate load of kitchen related laundry: the towels, and napkins, and rags we are always using to clean up Aaron's my spills, and the occasional tablecloth when we are feeling fancy. Actually, we never use tablecloths. I just threw that in there to make my list more interesting. I like folding kitchen linens because they fold so uniformly, nicely, and politely. And they look pretty when they are all stacked up. There's no lone ranger socks, no holey t-shirts, and no bulky sweaters that I can't decide whether to fold or hang. Very satisfying.

2. About dishes: I like washing them especially in the fall, because I am cold and the water is warm. It's a nice feeling, and I almost think I could stand there all night, washing dishes.

3. My husband thinks this post is boring. I just read it to him, and he said, "Huh." I said, "You think it is boring, don't you?" He said, "I just would never write about that." And lest ye think he never does the laundry, he does. He just wouldn't write about it.

4. I recently realized a new pet peeve of mine. I usually don't collect pet peeves. I think they are a rather grumpy thing to collect. But I have a few. And the latest one is when people don't run/walk on the left side of the road. I always thought that was a universally acknowledged guideline. By universally, I mean in America where we drive on the right side of the road. Pedestrians on the left, so as to face cars, so as they don't smoosh you right over from behind while you are jamming to your iPod. I run on the left, and when I meet people coming toward me (on their right), then I always feel obligated to move over to my right. Oh my goodness, I know. I have to move a few dozen feet over. See? Pet peeves are grumpy.

5. I have a tendency to drool when I'm bending over. I guess my mouth's resting position is open, and when I bend over, out comes the drool. Once, I did this while reaching into the freezer case to pull out a box of Blue Bunny ice-cream. I thought the lady down the aisle saw me, and so I quickly covered the drool with my foot. All better.

6. Does anyone else with a Mac take pictures of themselves with Photo Booth? (Photo Booth is an app that takes pictures from a camera inside the computer screen.) I do this when Aaron's not in the room, and it is very vain. I try out different poses and different facial expressions and pretend that I am a model for Anthropologie. Then I delete them so he doesn't know I took a million pictures of myself.

I think that's all. This started out as simple pleasures and took a swerve to pet peeves and ended up at embarrassing habits. Maybe I should have stuck with the first theme???


  1. Oh my gosh. Could you be any CUTER!? You are probably the most endearing person on the plant, dear Lara.