Wednesday, October 6, 2010

from the land of golden trees

Here I am, back in our beloved Lake City. It's my first Lake City fall. I've only ever known this lover in summer. But fall has my heart now too. The aspens are gorgeous. Pictures don't do it've got to see these golden lovelies in person.

Here's a picture anyway. To whet your desire to come to Colorado in the fall.

I'm here for my best friend's wedding. Sounds like a movie, huh? Oh wait...

I met Kyndel our freshman year of college, a week or two in. My first impression of her, like many first impressions, was totally and completely wrong. I walked into her dorm room, and she was putting her hair in curlers, and a makeup bag bigger than any I owned was lying on the floor, contents spilled across the cheap blue carpet. I was all like, "Blush? What's that?" Okay, maybe not that bad, but Kyndel was definitely girlier than me. I read that as snobby.

It didn't take long for me to see her heart of gold beneath all that makeup. :) I found a friend that hungered for the heart of God and pursued Him wholeheartedly. I found a bosom friend, to borrow Anne Shirley's phrase, that would cry and laugh and dream and scheme with me. For the next seven years, we would build a friendship with the bricks of late night talks, trips to each other's homes, laments over boys, an epic journey out west after college graduation, and when we lived farther than three doors apart, long phone conversations. She drove eight hours to surprise me when Aaron proposed. She came farther than that the next summer to be one of my bridesmaids and curl wire into little strands to hang dozens of tea lights. That is true friendship right there.

I love you, Kyndel Nicole. I am so blessed to be here as you say yes to Dannon and become his wife. It's not what we imagined back in Mayfield, sizing up the boys over at J. Alvin with a careful eye. But, oh, it's so much better. It is beautiful to be here for this page. Your friendship means so much to me. In the years since we were wide-eyed, silly college freshmen, you have become my sister of heart.

Kyndel and me, circa 2003

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  1. Hey babe! I wish I was there with you. Cannot wait to see your smiling face in the airport tomorrow.