Tuesday, September 28, 2010

we interrupt the regularly scheduled program

A short announcement. Actually, advertisement. I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm also excited. This blog won't become one long commercial, I promise. This is totallly a deviation from the norm. Which...by the way...where I have been? Two weeks since I posted? Sorry.

Back to the advertisement. For a year or so now, I've been brainstorming ways to earn a little extra money on the side. I'm not technically employed by K-Life, although it is a mission I devote a lot of my time and effort to. That means Aaron gets paid, and I do not. Which is fine because we share our money like a good married couple. :) And I've learned a lot about how my value doesn't come from what I do or don't do or what I get paid to do. I digress. I'm chasing some rabbits this post. I think I'm nervous.

So...extra income brainstorming...oh yes. Enter Etsy.com. Where you can make things and sell them. I thought about that for a few months. "Hi, I'm Lara, and you can pay me to sew you a curtain that has (mostly) straight sides." Or, "Hey, do you want to buy a scrapbook that has 4 pages finished?" Huh. I found that I can't really make anything that I would be proud to sell. I need to work on perfecting my crafty skills. I do, however, have this little skill (hobby?) that my husband likes to make fun of me for, and that is yard saling, thrift storing, and flea marketing. I love searching for a treasure! It makes Aaron break out into hives, but I love it. I could search through piles all day long. Here is where my skill-set met Etsy. :) Etsy lets you sell vintage (20 years +) items. I have a lot of cool things that I've picked up during my treasure hunts that we just didn't need or didn't have a spot for in our house.

This last weekend, I finally took the cliff jump and free-falled my way to an Esty shop of my own. I have no idea if it will do well. There are lots of Etsy stores that sell vintage. I'm a little embarrassed. (Did I mention that?) What if no one wants this stuff? Aaron, for all his aversion to the actual hunting process, is really proud that I opened up shop. He has been telling all our friends, and I just glare at him from across the room. So now he says, "Hey, babe, do you want to tell them about that one thing?" Then all eyes swivel to me, and I still glare at him.

Here is the link:

I called the shop Chestnut Street Cupboard.

Let's raise a toast to new things that we're scared to try but also can't stop wondering about until we do try...

Adieu, my friends.

I'll be back with something more substantial soon.

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  1. Lara! I am thoroughly impressed and intrigued! I'm in the same boat as your husband - I really hate shopping and I'm no good at all at finding good deals or cute, vintage-y things. I'm coming back to chestnut cupboard for Christmas gifts. You did the leg work, I didn't have to wahoo!