Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Plaza in 20 hours

We took a fun double date over Labor Day. My sister's friend gave her the tip-off on a special deal for a swanky Plaza hotel. The Raphael Hotel was celebrating its 35th anniversary, and rooms were only $35! We carpooled with Rachel and Nathan for a quick overnighter, and I must say, the Raphael did not disappoint. I've never stayed in a hotel that provided bathrobes before. We felt, uhm, quite out of our league.

We got to KC around lunch, but couldn't check in until 4. We ate lunch at McCormick and Schmick's. Mickey and Schmickey's, as we affectionately call it. Yeah, we're on a nickname basis now. Actually, remember the out-of-our-league feeling? We definitely felt it there when we ate everything on our plates and the waiter asked us if we licked them. What can we say? We were determined to get our money's worth.

After Mickey's we stopped by Swope Park to see the rose gardens. My lovely sister has to wear her sunglasses to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Being the daring newlyweds that we are, Aaron and I dangled our feet in the pond. Large carp and turtles, people! It was life on the edge!
Here is our room at Hotel Raphael. It sounds more sophisticated if you put hotel first, don't you think? Don't eat the snacks on the bar. They cost a lot more money than you're willing to pay. Nathan, you're welcome. I know if I hadn't warned you, you would have unknowingly eaten the five dollar gummy bears. The coffee, however, was free. At least we hope...

Here we are at the Cheesecake Factory making another social faux pas. Darn it, our waiter automatically knew we were Plaza impostors when all we ordered was an appetizer and dessert. The cheesecake was totally worth the shame.
Early the next morning, as we waited on Nathan and Rachel to get their act together (just kidding, love you sis!), Aaron took me to Starbucks. The man knows my love language. Dark roast and blueberry scone--now there's a perfect breakfast. The British can keep their Yorkshire pudding.
And since Nathan and Rachel were still packing, we meandered around the Plaza for a bit. The Plaza was modeled after Seville, Spain, so it has a lot of neat architectural features. Aaron found this bench to read the newspaper we had found hanging on our doorknob. Yes, a free newspaper on our doorknob. Fancy.

There's our recipe for success on how to do the Plaza in 20 hours. Just be sure to order the Mako Shark if you go to Mickey's, and oh, do not take the burlap bag the Raphael newspaper comes in. The bag, apparently, is not complimentary.

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  1. Lara, It was Loose Park dear. Get your details right for the Paparrazi. :)