Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh drippy, delightful day

Today's a day for rain. There are puddles in our yard and puddles on our floor where we forgot to close the window. But I think I might put up with the indoor puddling just so I can keep the freshness of a rainy day close. And it's really not so bad...Aaron already wiped most of it up.

Today's a day for Earl Grey tea, steeped in my Kolkata mug.

Today's a day for lamp-lit corners, cocooned in a wedding quilt with a wrinkled magazine the mailman brought.

Today's a day for challenging the laundry. (I'll let you know who wins.)
Today's a day for writing letters with my favorite pen.
Today's a day for wearing my Land's End slippers. There's just no way around how un-photogenic these puppies are, but the comfort level is worth every inch of their fuzzy, coral bad selves.
Today's a good day.

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