Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some things you will do no matter where you are at...

Dear family, friends, aquaintances, blog stalkers, and strangers,

It is crazy to think that we shall only be residing in Lake City, Colorado for a couple more weeks. Very conflicting. Our time here has been amazing. Time to spend together, hike in the mountains, walk to work, not sweating all day, wearing long sleeves at night.

It's amazing that here we can walk 2 miles and not be a big deal but back in Bolivar, walking to Wal-Mart (2 miles) wouldn't cross our minds. Maybe choosing responsibility but a slower pace isn't a bad idea at all...

We've also been able to
be a part of a small group here. It's amazing how God can bring people together. So true that fellowship is not created but given by the Spirit. We are so privilaged to live life with this group of people for this time. To see God evident in broken lives being restored is reviving, renewing, and restoring for us.

We had a splendid time with my parents last weekend. We ventured out to American Basin where the wildflowers are at their peak. My dad and I hike Handies Peak, a 14,000' mountain. He dominated it for a almost 55 year old father. However, the props go to the mom who carried a girl up the mountain. We'll be looking forward to those days. So glad Mom and Dad came even if it was short.

Also, Lara's parents, sister, niece, and nephew came to visit the day after. It was a sweet time to see them again. We also traveled to American Basin and did a little hiking before we had to say all too soon. But it was refreshing to see them again.

My brother, Ryan, will be coming next weekend. Him and a group of friends won a week long trip to Crested Butte. They entered a mountain bike race. Good luck to them. I will not be joining them. :)

In other news, I completed my first summit on my bike. Slumgullion Pass, topping out at 11,530', it was amazing. Tiring. 3,000' vertical gain in 11 miles or so. One of the steepest graded roads in the nation!
Next goal is the continental divide. This is actually a little further than Slum and it's not as high but should be fun!

Yesterday, we ventured to Gunnison. And guess what we did there. You probably guessed right: garage sales. While I may not fully enjoy the experience as much as Lara rightfully does, we did hit the jackpot. The Gunnison Library was having their annual book sale. One foot of books for $1. That's right folks. 12 inches tall of books for 100 pennies. So we loaded up on 2' of books. Don't worry Paul, we got you some U2 books and some others as well.

While we will miss Lake City, we are excited about getting back to Bolivar. We miss you all dearly.


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  1. Alright! Glad to see you remembered me. Hmmm?, you've done Slumgullion Pass, but have you ever done Bona Hill? Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.