Sunday, July 11, 2010

A pictorial summary...

...of our summer thus far.

1. Good friend Pritzy came to visit. I wish I could have kept her here all summer, but she apparently has other friends and other obligations? What?

2. The Golden Girls of summer 2007 had a reunion. These are the ladies I worked with my first go at the soda shop.

3. Diana got married. The soda fountain was actually quite instrumental in Diana and Andrew's courtship. Andrew would come to "get ice", aka to see Diana.

4. We went to Diana's wedding, and it was a great excuse to smooch a lot ourselves.

5. We got to (and are still getting to) hang out with one of my best friends ever, Kyndel, who is happily engaged to Dannon. We approve.

6. Silas gave me a flower. Actually, he gave Pritzy a flower first. Emiwee, as he calls her, is the love of his young life. I think it's the red hair. But, she threw his flower into the grass, so I guess he moved onto me.

7. Aaron took me on a first anniversary trip to Crested Butte. We stayed in an historic downtown hotel, which incidentally happened to be next to a bar. At 10:30 pm, the incidental location of the bar became quite unfortunate. But, hey, we were with each other, so what's a little shortage of sleep?

8. Crested Butte has a creek. We took a picture of our feet by the creek. That's all I will say about our feet.

9. In addition to a creek, Crested Butte has some mountains. We took a picture with those too.

10. Lake City also has mountains. (Are we in Colorado or something??) I joined housemates Brittany and Rebekah on a hike up Uncompahgre Peak. It's tall. 14,300 something feet.

11. Aaron and I climbed some more fourteen thousand foot mountains. Two in a row. Sierra the faithful retriever came with us, rolling in every snow drift that we trekked by.

12. The view from Mt. Redcloud, looking toward Mt. Sunshine.

13. We met some Bolivar friends, the Shoemakers, in Salida. Amica's has great pizza, if you're ever in Salida.

Which will bring us back to doe, a deer, a female deer.

Come visit! We'll feature you in the next pictorial summary...and maybe buy you some ice-cream.


  1. It is definitely the red hair.

    And Silas better not have moved on to you! He's mine Lara, are we yet again going to fight over a boy?

    I love you, I loved our time together, I am very sad it couldn't be for the whole summer!

  2. hehe...

    So, are all these pictures taken in India? I used to be in Mumbai back to year 1996.

  3. Can we see more pictures of your feet?

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