Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Backwards Story of a Couple Weeks

It would take forever to rearrange these in chronological order. I guess when you upload pictures, it puts them on top of each other, hence, the last one is first. So here is our life lately from today backwards.

We went on a hike up Cataract Gulch. It was one of our favorites so far. Beautiful waterfalls and wildflowers all the way up, ending in a big waterfall that Aaron jumped in. He said it was so cold he could hardly breathe. I love hiking with my husband. It's good time to talk and to take in all that God made!

My family came to visit the third week of July. Peter, my younger brother, couldn't make it because he's a camp counselor, and Nathan, my brother-in-law, had to work. But the rest of us had a grand old time. Look at those cutie kids! (And the rest of us ain't bad looking either.)

Aaron's family came to visit right before my family. We hiked Handies Peak with them and hung out at American Basin, a spot famous for it's wildflowers.


  1. Isn't it beautiful here? We feel so blessed to live here (we are in the hills of Loveland.) We love watching you grow up through your blog!

    (In case you don't know who I am, I am Bruce's wife - your mother's cousin :)

    Kathy B

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  4. Don't you hate that backward photo thing? I always have to cut and paste them to get them where I want them. There has to be an easier way!

    Regardless of the order - your photos were so pretty and screamed FUN!