Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Backwards Story of a Couple Weeks

It would take forever to rearrange these in chronological order. I guess when you upload pictures, it puts them on top of each other, hence, the last one is first. So here is our life lately from today backwards.

We went on a hike up Cataract Gulch. It was one of our favorites so far. Beautiful waterfalls and wildflowers all the way up, ending in a big waterfall that Aaron jumped in. He said it was so cold he could hardly breathe. I love hiking with my husband. It's good time to talk and to take in all that God made!

My family came to visit the third week of July. Peter, my younger brother, couldn't make it because he's a camp counselor, and Nathan, my brother-in-law, had to work. But the rest of us had a grand old time. Look at those cutie kids! (And the rest of us ain't bad looking either.)

Aaron's family came to visit right before my family. We hiked Handies Peak with them and hung out at American Basin, a spot famous for it's wildflowers.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some things you will do no matter where you are at...

Dear family, friends, aquaintances, blog stalkers, and strangers,

It is crazy to think that we shall only be residing in Lake City, Colorado for a couple more weeks. Very conflicting. Our time here has been amazing. Time to spend together, hike in the mountains, walk to work, not sweating all day, wearing long sleeves at night.

It's amazing that here we can walk 2 miles and not be a big deal but back in Bolivar, walking to Wal-Mart (2 miles) wouldn't cross our minds. Maybe choosing responsibility but a slower pace isn't a bad idea at all...

We've also been able to
be a part of a small group here. It's amazing how God can bring people together. So true that fellowship is not created but given by the Spirit. We are so privilaged to live life with this group of people for this time. To see God evident in broken lives being restored is reviving, renewing, and restoring for us.

We had a splendid time with my parents last weekend. We ventured out to American Basin where the wildflowers are at their peak. My dad and I hike Handies Peak, a 14,000' mountain. He dominated it for a almost 55 year old father. However, the props go to the mom who carried a girl up the mountain. We'll be looking forward to those days. So glad Mom and Dad came even if it was short.

Also, Lara's parents, sister, niece, and nephew came to visit the day after. It was a sweet time to see them again. We also traveled to American Basin and did a little hiking before we had to say all too soon. But it was refreshing to see them again.

My brother, Ryan, will be coming next weekend. Him and a group of friends won a week long trip to Crested Butte. They entered a mountain bike race. Good luck to them. I will not be joining them. :)

In other news, I completed my first summit on my bike. Slumgullion Pass, topping out at 11,530', it was amazing. Tiring. 3,000' vertical gain in 11 miles or so. One of the steepest graded roads in the nation!
Next goal is the continental divide. This is actually a little further than Slum and it's not as high but should be fun!

Yesterday, we ventured to Gunnison. And guess what we did there. You probably guessed right: garage sales. While I may not fully enjoy the experience as much as Lara rightfully does, we did hit the jackpot. The Gunnison Library was having their annual book sale. One foot of books for $1. That's right folks. 12 inches tall of books for 100 pennies. So we loaded up on 2' of books. Don't worry Paul, we got you some U2 books and some others as well.

While we will miss Lake City, we are excited about getting back to Bolivar. We miss you all dearly.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A pictorial summary...

...of our summer thus far.

1. Good friend Pritzy came to visit. I wish I could have kept her here all summer, but she apparently has other friends and other obligations? What?

2. The Golden Girls of summer 2007 had a reunion. These are the ladies I worked with my first go at the soda shop.

3. Diana got married. The soda fountain was actually quite instrumental in Diana and Andrew's courtship. Andrew would come to "get ice", aka to see Diana.

4. We went to Diana's wedding, and it was a great excuse to smooch a lot ourselves.

5. We got to (and are still getting to) hang out with one of my best friends ever, Kyndel, who is happily engaged to Dannon. We approve.

6. Silas gave me a flower. Actually, he gave Pritzy a flower first. Emiwee, as he calls her, is the love of his young life. I think it's the red hair. But, she threw his flower into the grass, so I guess he moved onto me.

7. Aaron took me on a first anniversary trip to Crested Butte. We stayed in an historic downtown hotel, which incidentally happened to be next to a bar. At 10:30 pm, the incidental location of the bar became quite unfortunate. But, hey, we were with each other, so what's a little shortage of sleep?

8. Crested Butte has a creek. We took a picture of our feet by the creek. That's all I will say about our feet.

9. In addition to a creek, Crested Butte has some mountains. We took a picture with those too.

10. Lake City also has mountains. (Are we in Colorado or something??) I joined housemates Brittany and Rebekah on a hike up Uncompahgre Peak. It's tall. 14,300 something feet.

11. Aaron and I climbed some more fourteen thousand foot mountains. Two in a row. Sierra the faithful retriever came with us, rolling in every snow drift that we trekked by.

12. The view from Mt. Redcloud, looking toward Mt. Sunshine.

13. We met some Bolivar friends, the Shoemakers, in Salida. Amica's has great pizza, if you're ever in Salida.

Which will bring us back to doe, a deer, a female deer.

Come visit! We'll feature you in the next pictorial summary...and maybe buy you some ice-cream.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still here

We're still here. Well not here, but there, but still very much here.

Still with me?

Aaron and I have been in the mountains of Colorado since May 27th. Our cell phones are on constant roam, costing us 56 cents a minute should we choose to use them. We don't have daily Internet access. And to watch TV, we have to go to a local restaurant.

Secretly, I'm loving it. I sort of like being a hermit and having a good excuse for it.

We're mainly scooping ice-cream, a lot of the mint chocolate chip and cookie dough variety, some of the butterfinger blast and mudpie persuasion, and a little of the black walnut and sugar-free vanilla family.

We're climbing fourteeners. We have one left in the area to mount. In the middle of our last peak hike, we were blasted with sleet on a narrow ridge. Aaron assured me that we wouldn't get struck by lightning, and after some blubbering and a little bit of backtracking, I agreed to continue on. We made it.

We're in a small group that we love. It's a mix of ages and backgrounds and open to anyone, no matter where they are on the road to Jesus. We spend time sharing and praying, and it's beautiful to watch our burdens become communal and our hope become stronger because of the Holy Spirit within us.

I'm sunbathing and reading Tale of Two Cities. (Aaron is reading but not so much sunbathing.)
We're also reading The Hobbit outloud to each other, although sometimes, when we're in the car, I accidentally leave it behind if I'm reading something else on my own. "Oh babe, you wanted me to bring the Hobbit? Guess I'll just have to read this..."

In short, we're having a great time. This season has been such a blessing to our marriage and our souls. We do miss friends in Missouri, but are we thankful for a few months of rest and renewal.

Sorry I don't have pictures right now...but hopefully soon to come.