Sunday, April 25, 2010

musings from a quiet house

Life is so funny sometimes. Not funny as in I can't catch my breath and I haven't laughed this hard in ages, but funny as is unexpected. A little bit strange.

I never dreamed I would move back to my hometown.

Yet here I am.

I know I write a lot about marriage lately, but c'mon, it's been kind of a big deal in my last year of life. I was thinking about being married to Aaron today. (I'm alone in the house, sort of under the weather, and I haven't talked to anyone since early this morning, so naturally, I am thinking quite a bit about my hubby.) I love being married to him. But it's funny, because marriage to him and even honestly marriage at all wasn't really something on my radar for life at 25. I had a lot of guy friends in college, and I thought about marrying several of them at various points. Single girls dream about marriage, even if they don't want it right away. It's a "what would it be like?" thought digression. I did that a lot in college. I had amazing guy friends, but I'm really glad I'm not married to any of them. I'm glad I'm married to Aaron, a guy who wasn't in my life picture until 22. I never scribbled his name on my notebook or tried his last name on for size in middle school. Okay, I may have done that in college too.

The way God orchestrates things seems funny to me sometimes. Not bad, just different than I would have thought. That's a good thing. He's God, and I'm not.

Here I am in Bolivar, working with youth, married to a man I love.

I am not overseas in Africa serving in an orphanage. Which, when I was 18, is probably what I would have predicted for this point in life.

But here in Bolivar, I love this life. I want to stay close to God's heart so I can follow the next "bend in the road," to borrow a phrase from my good friend Anne Shirley. Because chances are, it might not be what I have planned.

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