Thursday, December 17, 2009

In case you were wondering...

It's been a few weeks. Time for a big, fat, photo-laden update! A slew of stuff has been happening in the Weaver house lately, and a whole new train of events is rolling in soon, so let's bring this blog up to the present, shall we?

First up, our fun trip to St. Louis mid-November. Aaron helped coach the high school soccer team this year, and they made it all the way to state! (As the only public school to make the final four, they garnered an impressive second-place finish.) His gift to me to compensate for all the soccer nights on the road was to extend the weekend at state to include a few days for ourselves. So after the guys got their trophy and boarded the bus home, we made our way to a fancy-schmancy hotel and even got free parking--a weekend perk!
After gorging ourselves on gourmet crepes at a little place within walking distance of our hotel, we set out to enjoy the sights of Forest Park. Forest Park includes an art museum, outdoor walking paths, and a zoo, all of which are free. First stop, the art museum. We perused the European rooms (I love me some Renaissance), peeked at Asian art, and spent a good deal of time in the special Egyptian mummy display, where Aaron hovered over the glass cases trying to decipher the hyroglyphics. I never knew, but apparently he's been fascinated with mummies since he was a kid.

The zoo was next. We tried to buy some vendor food since the crepes were quickly wearing off, but discovered we only had a dollar. The zoo may have been free, but the hot dogs were not. Probably the last time a zoo hot dog cost $1.00 was 1956. Good thing the animals were so neat, and we were so distracted. We barely even noticed that it was 3:00 and we hadn't had lunch. Barely.

Aaron's favorite of the zoo was the penguins. I didn't have a favorite, although I'm always a sucker for the big game, and the chimpanzees were a blast to watch too.

Eventually, the hunger got the best of us, and we hit the road and rolled through a fast-food joint on the interstate home. It was a great weekend!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Aaron's home in the KC area. Before we left, we celebrated with a little Thanksgiving feast of our own. I scaled Tom the Turkey down to Cornelia the Cornish Hen. She's cute, eh? And just the right size for the two of us. I think there were a few pieces of meat left, but then my brother stopped by and finished 'er off.

Our time with Aaron's family was restful. When we go home to his family's, it's usually pretty low-maintenence. Read that as sleeping in, not answering cell phones or even keeping them charged, and barely checking our email. It's nice. Sherri (Aaron's mom) and I did venture out into the Black Friday madness, but not until 10:30, so things were pretty calm by then.

One of Aaron's family traditions is to go to a local tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving. I grew up with a fake tree and had no idea how important the real deal was to some folks. Here is the Weaver clan at the farm, in front of the tree that finally made the cut. (Haha, no pun intended.)
Back at the ranch, aka my parent's house, we helped assemble the fake tree. My mom loves Christmas--loves it--and her fake tree is somewhere in the vicinity of 9 feet tall. My niece and nephew thought the box was sweet, and ok, let's be honest, so did I. Look at those little goobers. Aren't they fantastic? Pretty much the global poster children for cuteness.

And then there's our tree. Yup. I bet you're wondering if we had a wrestling match to settle the debate between real and fake. I mean, it is our first Christmas in the same house, and we grew up in different camps. East side vs. west side. Capulets vs. Montagues. You get the picture.
Nooo, ok, that's not us. Nor was the tree debate much of a debate. Aaron made his preference for a real tree known, and I said, "Okie Dokie." I'm telling you, the fake tree people are like limp fish.
Getting the real tree was a little harder than deciding on a real tree. Aaron wanted to chop one down (remember the family tradition), but the closest tree farm to us is a good hour away. Enter our friends Wes and Marla, who live on some land outside of town. They agreed to let us come and have a looksie. The looksie turned into 2 hours of traipsing about in knee high grass, only to find a few scraggly cedar trees. We almost ended up with this, folks:
Woods Supermarket came to our rescue, though, and instead of Charlie Brown Christmas, we have pretty pine Christmas:

There you have it. The latest scoop on everyday life. Oh, and the other night we ran out of propane and slept in front of the fireplace. On that black and tan rug. With lots of blankets. Aaron woke up like a trooper to keep the fire roaring, and we were toasty until the propane guy came in the morning. A little reminder to be so thankful for the things we forget we're blessed to have. We have heat and food and loving family and a God who came in flesh to be near us. We are blessed!

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  1. thanks for the prayers lara! i needed them to get everything done. and now they are all done and I get to enjoy the true meanings of christmas. i hope you are doing well and have a wonderful holiday!