Tuesday, November 10, 2009

add a little this, add a little that (and a lot of flour)

Well. It looks like it has been a while since we've last spoken. An update around Bolivar:
1. There is already a 24/7 Christmas radio station
2. Bolivar guys soccer are in the state quarterfinals. Go Liberators!
3. We have big news that doesn't include a baby!
4. I, Aaron, have been rockin out on my 2008 Cannondale CAAD 9. Perfect fall weather = perfect time to ride!

Since the amazing trip Lara took to Ohio to see the great Sheila of Dover, Lara has since traveled to Dallas and back! Here are some pics from the adventure...

After a cancelled flight in Branson, a night at the Grimmers house with Rachel Custard, and many irritating developments, Lara arrived in Dallas at the sight of her friend Kristen Raikes (a woman that any guy would be privilaged to even have a discussion with. You'll have to go through the Weavers before you even considering courting her!!!) Then proceeded to meet up with the remaining member of the Tri-fecta, Kyndel Liggett.
However... (dun dun dunnnnnn) chills filled the air as Kyndel's car had a flat. They returned and began to fix the tire. Look at the muscles!
At a moment of helping a Tri-fecta member, a disasterous thing occurred. The wallet of Lara E. Weaver was misplaced and lost in the midst of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But all would not be lost that weekend. The Lord was gracious as she was allowed to still fly back to Branson and was still with one of her best friends for a weekend and a weekend at Pine Cove.

Since returning, Abby has become a small woman who can bake banana bread and tell everyone that they are silly.

Abby thinks eating flour by itself is gross... but she keeps eating it. Sorry you have to tilt your head sideways for the video, but we think it's worth it.

And here are a few pics from our date to Firehouse Pottery

Disclaimer: This has been Aaron posting. Copying, taping, or recording of this program is strictly prohibited. Any sale or distribution of this article is punishable by making us a cake with peanut butter or singing us a song in falsetto.


  1. Oh!... I love all of those girls and I miss them.

    Laura: Next time you talk to Kristen, Annie, and Kyndel, please give them my love.

  2. I can't imagine Lara losing her wallet :)

  3. Couldn't stop laughing at the
    Abby eating flour video:)!! oh man that was WAY worth the head tilt:).