Monday, November 16, 2009

Honest bits and pieces

Susan and Crystal nominated me to post 10 honest things about my life. They can be completely random things. So, thanks girls for the fun idea; I love your blogs; here goes!

1. When I was a kid, I LOVED to hog the video camera. My dad whipped it out from time to time (usually to video my little brother, who was toddling around and doing cute baby things), and I made sure I was front and center. It's now become the family joke when we watch those videos that you don't have to wait very long before you hear, "Lara, get out of the way." Bummer. No, I don't have a complex. At all.

2. Another along the childhood vein: I used to collect ceramic thimbles from every state my family vacationed to. I don't know where they are now. At your house, Mom?

3. I didn't own a cell phone until a year after I graduated from college. I don't understand texting, and I don't want really want to.

4. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac. This is the first time I've publicly confessed to it. My family might argue the word "somewhat." I tend to think headaches are aneurysms, body aches are bad diseases, and so on. I am working on it, with the help of Jesus. :)

5. I have wiped my bottom with my hand. Please don't judge. You wouldn't buy toilet paper either if it cost $1.00 a roll.

6. Aaron and I play Boggle together a lot. Sometimes we play at breakfast. A little mind exercise and spousal bonding are great ways to start the day. He is currently beating me. (We keep a running total.)

7. One of my favorite authors is Elizabeth Elliot. I think her writings on the sovereignty of God, femininity, and trust are impeccable, and I appreciate her straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

8. I am currently in a moderate drinking stage. Of coffee. In college, I averaged 6-10 cups a day. Now, I drink one cup in the morning, and I am done. I'm a little ashamed to admit that, because coffee is such a part of my image. :) But, it is true. I could probably quit if I wanted to.

9. I think I am a punctuation snob. I hope that doesn't keep any of you from writing me. I can't help it. Billboards, emails, books, signs. Anything I read, I can't help but edit. On that note, I am a HUGE advocate of the Oxford comma, which is the comma before the word "and" in a list.

I love to eat carrots, scones, and broccoli.

See the red comma? That is the Oxford comma. And while some think it is optional, I don't.

10. I adore my niece and nephew. They make me want to have children far before my time. And they are, hands down, the cutest little goobers I have every met. I have asked Aaron before, "What will we do if our kids aren't as cute as Abby and Drew?" This is a real worry, folks. Aaron just laughs and kisses me. He's so good for my melodrama.

There you have it! Now I am supposed to nominate seven other people to do this. I hope I can think of seven. Most of the blogs I read are written by people I don't know. Which makes me sound very creeperish. Uhh...I just like to read.

1. Rachel
2. Megan F
3. Josh and Hannah
4. Beth W
5. Emily P
6. Sheila
7. Billy


  1. Yay Lara! Thanks for indulging Crystal and I. I'm also a fan of the Oxford comma. My friends in grad school tried to explain to me that I'm not suppose to use it any more, but I just can't help it! Hope you are well!

  2. hehe :-) Lara, you are too cute. Loved your list.