Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Visiting Sheila

I got back from Ohio yesterday. I went to visit Sheila, who was a main character of this blog when it began. That is because I lived with her, ate lunch with her, and talked to her before I went to bed with her each night. We were Kolkata roomies, and I miss living day to day life with her now. I tried to convince her to move to Bolivar instead of back to India, but I dunno, there wasn't the same draw.

Sheila is moving to India in January. Although she would firmly negate this, I believe she is one of the most capable, strong, brave, and humble women I have ever met. I am so glad she is moving back to offer her nursing skills and her beautiful heart to the women of the Gach.

We had some lovely times in Dover.

This is an old barn we saw while we were hiking. Ohio has spectacular fall colors.

Of course we had to make some Indian cuisine together. This is dal bhat. Lentils over rice. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I think I was trying to make sure I got in the picture since we were doing self-timer, but obviously, we had plenty of room.
Then we tried our hand at authentic Bengali cha. Thanks, Beth, for the recipe!
I am testing to see if the tea smells authentic. Do you see that the milk in Ohio comes in yellow cartons? It makes the shelf life longer. I feel cheated that Missouri only has white cartons.

Chubs the puppy. I have to admit, he was quite endearing, although I don't usually like small dogs.

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