Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the sun will come out tomorrow

Rainy day. In a long line of the same. I got a new job last week, and I work at a counseling center as a receptionist. Sad people come in. Rainy day plus sad people equals low spirits.

Aaron was in Springfield tonight for a soccer game. He helps coach the high school guy's team, and he does an incredible job. He pours out his heart to show them what integrity is, and he has some fancy footwork to share too.

I got to leave work early. 5:15. The phones were dead, and my supervisor said I could leave. Lonely night ahead. My husband gone, the rain drizzling, my heart heavy for all the hurting people. I'd almost rather stay at work under the artificial lights and the constant hum of elevator music. But my sister came to get me so I wouldn't have to walk home in the rain. She insisted I eat dinner with them. Creamy vegetable soup in thick ceramic bowls. I was comforted, by the food, by playing dollhouse with Abby, by the way Drew gurgles at me when I make ridiculous baby talk.

When I came home, an orange post-it note met me at the door. Stuck to the laminate floor, an arrow beginning a trail. I followed the trail. Aaron had set up a bubble bath for me before he left for Springfield. A row of hazelnut tealights on the tub's edge with matches nearby. An iPod set to soft piano music. And a favorite book propped open to this:

"Dwell in me...Dwell in my love," Christ gave these commands to the despairing disciples before He went to die. Settle down, He was saying. Just stay where you are--in ME. I am staying with you and in you. Make your home in my love. Rest here. Take my peace. To go on from one day to the next, leaving the unsettling things with God, being free and whole and serene because we are secure in our home--this is what dwelling in Christ and His love means. The people and the things about which we simply do not know what to do, we can commit to His love as well, asking Him to find a room for them." -Elizabeth Elliot

It was a beautiful, content night after all. Rest. Peace. Finding home. Things I forget very quickly. And oh yeah, my husband rocks. :)

Joy ahead.

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  1. Lara... this is beautiful. What a blessing!!! (Your sister and your husband.) I'll be praying for you in your new work.