Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When I was 13, I traveled with a charter bus full of teenage girls to Nashville. We went for a Baptist conference. I don't remember much about the conference. What I do remember, though, is the ride back when they handed out "superlative" awards. You know, like "Most Funny", "Most Thoughtful", etc. Mind that I had only known these girls for a week. You know what award I got? "Most Clumsy."

I wish that at 25, I could say I'd outgrown that award. I don't think I have.

I shattered the 9x13 version of this Pyrex dish when I brushed it off the counter and it hit our tile floor.

A few weeks later, deja vu. This pot lid (thankfully I have two) met the same fate. We have hard floors.

Then, today, as in five minutes ago, another glass-breaking happened. My dismay soon turned to laughter because this accident is so me. I can't believe I did this. But then again, I can.

I have this lovely letter from Aaron framed in our bedroom. When I was first trying to hang it, the glass broke in the corner. See?
I headed to the thrift store this morning to find a replacement. Sure enough, I found a cheap brass frame with a perfect piece of 8x10 glass for 25 cents! I bought it, brought it home, and plopped down on the bed to pop the broken piece out of my frame. That's when I heard a terrific crunch. I stood up, startled.
I sat on the new piece of glass and shattered it! I was wearing jeans, so my bottom is okay, but I am wondering if glass is ever safe for long around me. I just can't get out from the shadow of "Most Clumsy."

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  1. ha ha ! Yeah, I remember getting an award similar to that when I was in high school on a youth group mission trip. I remember being appalled that this was the best thing they could possibly come up with. Really? I know now it was a version of pride. Yay for laughing at yourself:)