Tuesday, September 1, 2009

here's to 24

Happy Birthday, Aaron!
Aaron turned 24 yesterday. Now we will be the same age for 10 days, until I will once again become the older woman. :)

It was a lovely day...
  • sleeping in
  • biscuits and gravy
  • puttering around the house, each doing our own job (a = k-life stuff, l = sweeping and dishwashing and baking)
  • quick spinach fetticuine lunch
  • a trip to the grocery store and my favorite thrift
  • walking to dinner at the famous El Rodeo where we had some fabulous year-in-review talk (the silly Olympic date, the night he proposed, the honeymoon!)
  • birthday party with some friends (I was the only girl...getting used to this...)

And p.s. I bought a piano! For $20 at a garage sale. Upside: it is beautiful and antique-y. Downside: it took 7 men to move it up the front stairs and into our dining room. Aaron says when we move from this house, the next owners will inherit the piano. Lucky them. I might be able to convince a different seven men to move it for us...whadda you think? It does need a good tuning, but until there is enough money in the budget for that, I will pound out the old hymns and my own improv.


  1. what a lovely day! I might be able to find one Bob Gelband to help move that piano...

  2. it would have been really exciting to be there. LAME.

  3. I just found out that I was volunteered to move that piano... too bad that didn't work out - I heard it was a really fun time. :)