Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new life and new house

Hello from the other side of the wedding! There is so much (too much) to say, which I guess is what happens when you go through several major life changes and don't post for two months. My Grandpa emailed me a few weeks ago to ask, "Hey, don't you ever write on your blog anymore?" Here I am, Grandpa, and anyone else that may still be around.

(Picture taken by the talented Tracie Faust)

We're married! I'm sorry y'all don't get to live with Aaron Weaver. He's a blast. He makes me laugh and talks to me while I do the dishes and even DOES the dishes sometimes! It's not so weird living with a boy; people have queried, and I say no, I like it. I'm blessed. I am also realizing that dying to self is not something I can do on my own. "In humility, considering [Aaron] better than myself" --that's a tall order 24/7. The Holy Spirit is teaching us through this vessel of marriage.

Now I want to show your our house, because I'm having a really grand time setting it up. I have been sewing like a madwoman on my mom's old Kenmore machine. She bought it when she was first married and it basically does a straight stitch (in reverse too!) and a zig-zag. Aaron gives me nice compliments, even if I haven't graduated past simple seams. This place we get to call home is so sweet and comfortable. Here are some pics:

The living room. This is our "Jesus" sofa, because I prayed for a sofa for several months. That may sound silly, but I think God wants to hear our hearts. I mostly prayed and waited because one thing I've discovered in two months of marriage is that home decor is definitely a bigger priority to me than Aaron! :) He would rather scour Craigslist for a new road bike, and I would like to search for a couch. So after a while of just praying and waiting, this one came up...we went to look. Upon finding out we were newlyweds, the lady dropped the price 75 bucks!

The other side of the living room. A big comfy chair-and-a-half our friends passed on to us is perfect for the morning cup of coffee. I love the built-in bookshelf!

I have to show this other shot of the living room because I redid this cabinet! It was sitting in my parent's storm cellar and was an ugly 70s reddish brown color. And yes, those are the original Target designer prints in some of the frames. Don't judge us because we haven't hung our wedding pics up yet.

The French doors are another favorite. That's our "spare room" through the doors.

Dining room. Card table chairs. (At least they are comfy thanks to cushions Mom bought.) I bought some wooden chairs at a yard sale for 50 cents each, but they currently live in our shed, where they await a makeover. They were 50 cents each...I will let you imagine.

The kitchen is little, but gifted with many windows. There's another to the right that you can't see. The fridge and stove are directly across the way, but I didn't take a picture of them. They probably look a lot like your fridge and stove. :)

The sunroom. Aaron has claimed the old college futon as his morning spot, sans cup of coffee. It is indeed one of the only sorrows of our marriage. The boy doesn't drink. Coffee.

Our office, which is really just an alcove off the spare room. I didn't clean off the desk for the picture. You don't mind? Great. Shout out to Sapulpa, OK, and the one and only Miss Pritz who led me to that white window I love so much.
Bed of the spare room. If you are married and come to visit us, it may be a tight squeeze. We will move the violin and guitar to help you out.

I just had this major debate in my head on whether on not to show this picture. I'm so silly.
Me: I want people to see the shade I made!
Other me: But what if they think you're bragging about your sewing skills?
Me: Why would they think I'm bragging? Look at the left side. It's crooked.
Other me: Yeah, so why do you want to show them?
Me: Because I'm kinda proud of it in a little girl way.
There is a honest inside look into my head. But, yes, I did make this shade, based off the lovely design here. (Her edges are not crooked.) It's in our bathroom.

Last, my favorite room of the whole house. Our bedroom. I want it to be a peaceful haven, and I think it's getting there. Curtains are in progess. By in progess, I mean I have brown curtains from one of my college dorm rooms but haven't decided how to redo them yet. I think they're actually crumpled up inside that closet there on the right. :)

That will bring this momentous post to a close. I had other things to share, but gee whiz, someone has got to show me a faster way to get pictures up. I spent a ridiculous amount of time uploading them and dragging them down to the bottom of the post, only to click in the wrong place and watch them float back up to the top. Anyone else have this problem?

Come visit us! Please!


  1. Lara, Lara (Weaver!) you are too cute! I love your house and I especially love the crooked blinds :-) I would brag loud and clear if I had sewn those! (not that you were bragging, though :-) A million trillion blessings on you, sweet girl!

  2. I love your house and your post. I'm so happy for you... both of you... you seem very happy and content. :)

    Love you, Miss Lara!

  3. Thank goodness your survived your honeymoon. I was beginning to think you hadn't. Grandpa

  4. Such a beautiful house. You have done a great job with it! I want to come visit and see you! I am still sad I couldn't come to your wedding. You need to post more pictures of that soon.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! The house looks amazing and I want to come visit! Love you both.