Friday, August 28, 2009

bon appetit

I have made some pretty tasty meals in my lifetime. But last night was not so tasty. Bless Aaron, America's new Husband of the Year. Seriously. We are using the envelope system as our form of budgeting, which means that at the beginning of the month, we put a set amount of money in different categorized envelopes. It's nearing the end of August, and you know what that means. The money is nearing the end too. I had this can of tuna. And a recipe from a Rachael Ray cookbook that sounded interesting. Something with a title longer than I can remember. Try "Salmon and Poached Eggs on a Potato Bed with Caper Dressing." We obviously did not have salmon. We did have capers. Strange, I know. Enter tuna. Enter the creation of a really, really bad meal. Oh y'all. I won't even go into details. When I wryly asked Aaron if it was a "make-again" meal, he said, "Um...well...probably not."

Food is an interesting thing to explore as a married couple. We are both Missouri kids, raised in similar middle class homes, but our food tastes are a little different. (Obviously, we do agree that the Rachael Ray experiment was a tank.) Aaron has no qualms about eating ramen every day for lunch; I get excited when I discover an Amish store that sells things like this:
Yum. Flaxseed and oat bran and wheat gluten and sesame seeds. Wait. It gets better. The little bag on top is cracked wheat.

So when health-food hopeful weds hot-dog lover, what's a house to do? Balance. The other night, Aaron made dinner. He pulled out some leftover boxed foods from his single days that I was storing in the waaaay back of the cupboard. I can't bear to throw food away...but was I really going to cook those flaky garlic mashed potatoes? I guess I prefer my potatoes to start whole. I was in the other room working on something, and when he called me to dinner, this is what I found:
Look at this guy's presentation! Wow! I fell in love with him all over again. He even added fresh veggies.

We're finding a nice compromise here in the little tan house. He's switched to natural peanut butter and whole wheat tortillas, and sometimes, like today, I make Kraft mac-and-cheese and red Kool-aid for lunch.

We have some extra. Any takers?


  1. I beg to differ. Our family was never similar to any other. We were unique!!!!(Consider for a moment our 2nd child. Without a doubt a strange case(y)).Wow, double parentheses. That's a first.

  2. Bob would definitely give Aaron presentation points on that one! Nice work.
    It was good to see you last night...and I totally understand about the opposite schedule thing...I just wish you were down stairs or across the street or across town:)