Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Classroom moments

Today I finished explaining the grammar lesson to 5th grade and directed them to their homework pages. "Okay," I said. "Let's get crackin'." I walked over to my desk, and one of them said,

"Uh, Miss Casey, no one says that anymore. Let's get crackin'."

The others quickly chimed in, verifying that my verbage is indeed obsolete. Then this was the doozy. "Miss Casey, we're going to remember you as the young teacher who sounded old," the same girl added. "You say a lot of things that sound old."

I just about lost it. So much for thinking I'm the hip cool teacher. Apparently I'm an old lady in a 24 year old body.

Oh, they're so funny. The things that stand out to them. A few months ago, another fifth grader walked in to my classroom before school. I still had my coat on, which that day, happened to be a red Columbia jacket. I usually wear my nice black coat to school, but this was a Friday, and I was dressed down. "Is that coat new?" she asked.

"No, I just don't wear it very often," I answered.

"Well, you shouldn't. I don't like it."

"You don't?" I said, trying my hardest not to laugh.

"No. It makes you look like a cowgirl or something."

And then she turned around and left. You know, now that I think about it, I haven't worn that coat to school since.

Haha. I will miss these guys.


  1. LARA!

    (*totally unrelated...but...YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!? congrats!) :)

    *also. relish the fact that you can already be old in your 20's. Everyone knows old-people are preciously, you're just getting the best of both worlds!? (you can be precious -and- do things like run marathons...?) :)

  2. Lara, thanks for the post on my newly-revived blog. It was good to read all your teacher posts. Sometimes the drudgery of being a teacher takes away the occasional (yet profound) joys that come with the job. Thanks for reminding me about that. And I'm SO excited for you and Aaron. I promise that I will visit Boliver soon to make up for missing the wedding! Until then...