Monday, April 20, 2009


My heart is fairly singing today.

Maybe it's because I'm taking a PERSONAL DAY from school (woo-hoo, those have got to be two of the best words for teachers everywhere).

Or maybe it's because the sun is finally shining after two days of steady, pelting rain.

Maybe because my sister's coming over soon to do laundry and that means niece and nephew time!

Maybe because Aaron bought me a one-hour massage today! What a sweet fiancee. It's just one of the out-of-the-world things he's done lately. Another one being that he's been so incredibly patient with me as my new birth-control has sent my emotions on the nastiest roller coaster ever.

All these things are so good...

but best is Jesus. Whom I got to spend extra time with this morning in lieu of frantically rushing around to leave for school, wondering if I have time to blow-dry my hair and where is that stack of papers I graded last night??!? Oh the beauty and joy of an unrushed morning, sitting with a pillow behind me and my Bible spread before me, and the strong cup of joe on the nightstand beside.

Jesus is so good to us. It's good for us to let our questions and strivings fall silenced, to shut our mouths and listen to Him. Isaiah 42:16 is such a wonderful promise--that He will lead the blind along ways they have not known. I feel like I've been "blind" in a lot of ways lately. Letting worry choke out faith, stressing about silly wedding details that don't matter, choosing to live continual impatience in daily interactions with my family.
And then when the rare moment of silence comes (this morning!), I feel overwhelmed. How do I make my way back to Jesus? Well, I don't make my way in anything. I depend on Him to come and meet me. I trust Him when He promises that my blindness and deafness are not too great for Him to overcome.

So I'm singing today! It's a good day to worship our King!


  1. i love you. :)

    the Jesus in you is so stunningly beautiful.

    praying for you, my sweet sister.

  2. How wonderful. I love slow mornings, but don't get them very often. So glad you enjoyed your personal day.