Sunday, November 16, 2008

cell phone disaster and pictures

True or false. In a Sunday-dash to diminish my mammoth pile of laundry, I threw all my jeans in the washer and didn't check the pockets. An hour later, I opened the dryer door, and there was my cell phone battery. Strange. And my cell phone.

True. Oh very true.

Sigh. Much to my amazement, it turned on after a little charging, but then it couldn't find any signal. My dad, a fix-it man to whom I take all things broken, said, "Give it a few days to dry out, and we'll see." Hopeful. My mom, a faithful pocket-checker, said, "You know, Lara, if you are going to get married someday, you need to start checking your pockets." All you single ladies out there, tuck that away. Being a good wife = not sending anything but fabric through the wash and dry cycle.

It's been a while since I posted. I tell my sixth-graders that when writing, we aim to paint pictures with our words. Our goal should be to show, not tell. But today, I am going to opt out of my own advice. It takes time to craft word pictures. So I will use the real ones instead. Here is an update on the last month or photograph form...

Aaron and I are still doing great! He is a number of amazing things...a servant, a leader, easy-going, funny, thoughtful, and intelligent, to name a few. We're having fun rocking the town of Bolivar.

My class! All thirteen. As you can tell, some of my boys are THRILLED about having their picture taken. This lovely room is where I spend a good 50 hours a week.

The Lord has blessed me with some great girlfriends in Bolivar. I have been known to dramatically think that JBU was the last of good "heart" friends, but no, I have found them here too. Or rather, the Lord has given them. This is a pic from our Pumpkin Party '08. Aaron and I shared a pumpkin, and she was a petite, round thing. The pumpkin. She had a name. I don't remember it now.

I took two personal days the first week of November and flew to see this darling in California. Rachel, Nathan, and Abby are moving back to Missouri shortly before Christmas, and and thought one last LA hurrah was appropriate. The adorable Abby Elise was everything I brag her to be: sweet, cuddly, smart, and SO MUCH FUN.
(I love, love, love, love, love being an aunt. Have I mentioned that yet?)
I also had great sister time in CA, along with the standard brother-in-law banter. Always in good nature.

That's all for now. More soon.
Oh yeah. And don't try to call me.
This is a perfect time to mention that I do, however, love letters...