Friday, May 16, 2008


I didn't realize it had been a month since I posted. Do I even still have a blog?

When I first got home to Bolivar, I had days and days of long openness. No places to go (no car to get there if I did), and no committments to keep. The longer I'm here, though, the more things I find on my plate. It's me and the blue mini-van, cruising around this town from substitute teaching to working at the t-shirt print shop (where, small piece of trivia here, Aaron and I met each other exactly two years ago), from hanging out with K-life kids to meeting a friend for coffee, from painting verses on a friend's wall to helping another friend pack up her kindergarten classroom.

It's good stuff. I want to find the time to listen in the midst of all this activity. Sometimes it happens. Some days it does not. Do you know the feeling?

Peter graduated last weekend! Rachel and Nathan and Abby came to visit! The world's cutest baby is one year old! And walking now! And saying "ba" (ball) "yesh" (yes) and "uh-oh" (uh-oh).

Oh look at her walk. Oh have you ever seen anything cuter?

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  1. I miss your posts! And yes, she is the world's cutest (until I have kids:).