Tuesday, April 15, 2008

remembering Kovita

"Put your elbows on the table
I'll listen long as I am able
There's nowhere I'd rather be "
-Over the Rhine

My friend Kovita is on my mind today. I would like to sit with her and have her grasp my face between her hands. She would kiss my cheeks. Of course, we would have to have cha. Oh goodness, only midday, and I've already had so much Indian tea. She'd smile broadly and shake her head. The absurdity of talking without the clay-cupped cha in hand. Off I would run down the sidewalk to the tea stand, dupatta swishing wildly. Don't bump into the man, watch out for the auto-rickshaw, and good grief, why are there always taxis when you don't need them and none when you do? Hand over five rupees, grab the cup, hold the rim and pray the steaming liquid doesn't slosh out on the way back.

This is the price of a plane ticket away. A price I don't have, not to mention the timing is all wrong. Contentment is the course I'm enrolled in here, and praise is the lesson of the week. Praise, I am finding, is to be my offering regardless of circumstance or understanding. But that is another blog post altogether.

Do you remember when I wrote about Kovita months ago? Kovita lives in Kolkata--she is the friend whom my team and I met on the streets. She's off the streets now and is in a place where she is getting help, but the money to support her stay is running out.

The economics of God's Kingdom continue to challenge me. Forcing me to lay down the way I've been conditioned to think about money. No. It is not mine. No. It will not make me happy. No. I do not need to have a lot of it. And it's not just when I do have a lot of it that I am free to give a lot of it. How am I giving of what I have now? That is the only question relevant today.

There is this thing called Love. It busts into my world, and it knocks down every trophy and prize. It bulldozes walls and smashes the privacy fence. It asks for the key to my lockbox and my bank account. It asks for my heart.

"I was born to love
I'm gonna learn to love without fear "


  1. oh you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself and God's heart. Today I was talking with my kids about "word choice" and how they need to use words so that the reader will feel like they are physically there and can picture what the writer is describing. anyway, you have really lovely word choice:)

  2. Lara, Is there a way to get the money to Kovita that she needs to stay where she's at? And how much does she need?