Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Psalm 55:22

I am all at once many things today.
My heart is restless,
wanting to go,
wanting to stay.

I hold more people in my heart
than I can gather near.

Dreams underneath the current of
come and go,
work and play.
Silent, dormant,
still they ache.

From the One who understands the tug,
the contradiction,
the mystery,

these words of peace...


  1. Oh I miss you! I'll hopefully maybe see you soon...depending on what your life holds when I get home tomorrow. Thank you for your beautiful words in the last two posts...they really resonated with me and God used the truth to encourage me. Thanks for making this season of my life a lot brighter too!

  2. and still, you are beautiful.
    thankyou sister.
    and yes.
    things...are good. :)
    real good.
    and hard.
    love and miss you, sister.

  3. k while you're blogging about jesus i'm blogging about bunnies and candy...i suck.

    im going to call you again soon..promise. and then, a visit will happen shortly thereafter. get excited. love you

  4. Lara, I wish I could get a font of your handwriting.

  5. Simple, honest, reflective. The Lord uses your musings to express things that somehow get locked away in my heart (how is that possible)? Psalm 55:22 VERY HELPFUL for us to consider.

    I love you, dear friend!