Monday, February 25, 2008

when people stare at taco bueno and other tales

What a weekend. It was refreshing and and relaxing and inspiring and a much-needed change of scenery. My friend Meg and I wound our way to Kansas City to visit Meg's sister, Jen. I love Kansas City. I also love Meg and Jen. Throw a few inches of fluffy snow in there, some time for contemplation, good church, fun games, walking around Taco Bueno only using 90 degree angles, and've got yourself a great weekend. Oh, and now if you talk about Wii in front of me, I will know what you mean. Yup. Kansas City gave me my Wii initiation. My mad wrist flick is gonna take me places, I can tell. Megan had already played Wii, but here she is at her initiation into the Quik Trip Taquito club. The only thing better than Taco Bueno is QT Taquitos. (Joking. Please. Believe.)

The Lord spoke to my heart about contentment this weekend. I'm a "feeler." This tendency can be a bad thing because what I'm feeling always feels so true to me, even when it's not. I haven't been feeling contentment lately, but the Lord showed me this weekend that it is a choice. I have to reach out and take contentment. I have to choose it when nothing in me feels it. And this choice is not unauthentic because it "feels" false. It's obedient. Obedience trumps feeling.

And hey, the blessing of today is that I AM NOW A WORKING WOMAN! My mom fielded the 6 am wake-up call for me and gently roused me to ask if I wanted to be a substitute. Oh yes I want to be a substitute even though I am so very sleepy because I stayed up way too late last night not knowing that Monday, February 25, would be the day to catapult me into the world of wage-earning and oh yes I will be in on time and I will be nice to the children and I will try hard not to laugh when they write things in their journals such as "I did nothng this weekend. guess what. I am releted to the queen of ingland."

Finally, Happy Birthday sister! I love you. Scope out 26 for me, okay? Tell him I'll be there in a few years.


  1. I feel pretty excited that I made your page! Yay! Yeah, the taco bueno experience was something else:) And you are a terrific substitute! Gavin thinks you're pretty terrific too-Aaron might have some competition:)

  2. Choose it! Did you see Lauren Winner while she spoke at JBU? Anyway, she wrote in Mudhouse Sabbath:

    There's a concept called na'aseh v'nishma; which means: "we will do and we will hear" or "we will do and we will understand." It's about doing your faith, and coming to understand what it is you already believe as you practice it.

    She takes the basis for this approach from Exodus 24:7,
    "Then he took the Book of the Covenant and read it to the people. They responded, "We will do everything the LORD has said; we will obey."

    It is the fact that the Israelites said that they would do and then obey, so doing brings obedience. It was the doing aspect of Judaism that separates itself from Christianity. It seemed that this is what she often missed about Judaism. The repetitiveness that comes from Judaism, and this held her to obedience.

    awesome stuff huh?!?!