Sunday, January 6, 2008

On the way to the airport...

Nathan: You know, it really gives me hope that Sylvester Stallone is 60. Maybe I could be Rambo at 60.
Rachel: I'm not sure I wholeheartedly support that dream, honey.

Me: I think you'd make a great Rambo, Nathan.

Nathan: Thanks, Lara.

Me: But I don't even know who Rambo is.

Rachel: Yes you do. He's that guy who was a boxer in like five movies.

Me: (Pause.) No, that was Rocky.

Rachel: Oh. (Tilts head to the side and sticks the tip of her tongue out. Thinks.) So, who was Rambo? Aren't they almost the same?

Nathan: Nope. Not at all.

I'm in Southern California, where oddly enough, movie actors and their roles are easily confused. At least by folks like me and my sister. I flew into the LA area on Thursday, and I'll be here until the end of the month, visiting my sister, her husband, and my niece! (Who deserves italics just for being her.) There is no agenda but daily life. Since Abby's birth eight months ago, my sister has become a stay at home mom, and for these few weeks, I get to join the routine. I am basking in all the glory of being an aunt, a situation I find increasingly glorious.

It's looking like a quiet set of 21 days. For which I am thankful and content. I want to journal and start running again. I want to write emails to friends I haven't heard from in a while. I want to write even more letters, because for all the charm of an email, I'm still a fan of the paper envelope and its contents.

After the California vacation, the current plan is to head back to my home state for a bit. I'm not sure how long I will stay in Missouri, but I'll definitely be there until the summer months.

The future feels so very vague, and it seems that I am back in that place of last winter, when I was making lists of various options for the next step after graduation. I have to remember that the God who opened the doors to Kolkata is surely the same God who stands before the doors of 2008, and that a year later, He cares for me and my path with just as much compassion and might.


  1. enjoy your time in California, friend. keep in touch with us gringos!

  2. Oh gosh, that sounds just like both of them. Thanks for the "fly on the wall" view of theconversation. I miss you! I don't sound too hopeless in saying that do I?
    That picture is sweet of's like she's saying "My aunt Lara is number 1 !"
    Which she is of course:)
    Love you! Thanks for your email. It's a treasure.

  3. I laughed for a good 5 seconds at that dialogue. Man, love it.

  4. Abby's really saying, Hi, Poppa, you're the best.