Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Question. Is it possible to Fed-Ex a turkey?

(Hold that thought.)

I don't have the picture.

Lame, I know. On Saturday, I made a huge deal about it, and now I have the audacity to write a new post with absolutely no pictures attached. The details of this Kolkata life are too many and wide to explain exactly why I can't produce the picture today, but please, believe me when I say, "It's coming soon."

Here are some things I have done recently:

-Emptied out my wallet except for the money I needed today. Yesterday's epiphany: the fear of losing my wallet could be greatly reduced if I removed all the important cards and extra cash. So now those things are hiding...well...come now, do you really think I'd post where?
-Sang the "Isty Bitsy Spider" two times in a row. Told Ashtami she couldn't hit Parul three times in a row.
-Ordered a fruit salad for lunch from Blue Sky Cafe. The star of Blue Sky Cafe is Samson, the waiter, who remembers everyone's name and face and even remembers that I don't like bananas in my fruit salad. Wow. Go Samson.
-Went with Sonny and Jodi to New Market where we successfully dodged the men with baskets. If you ever live in Kolkata for longer than a month, you will come to know New Market as the Scariest Place Ever. At least that's how I feel about it. New Market is a huge collection of shops all gathered under one big roof, which I realize sounds very much like a mall, but it is not like a mall at all. And the worst of it is the men with baskets. Escaping away from them is like a video game I don't want to play.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving! I am going to be Pilgrim Rock in our team skit. Sonny wanted to be Pilgrim Rock, but I beat him up and stole the leading role. Sorry, Sonny. But really, we are going to have a big bash at Beth's flat, and there will be chicken, potatoes, green beans, and perhaps even pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie without an oven? Is it possible? I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. For you, I pray clear vision to see what God has done, and big hearts to hope in what He will yet do.


  1. you're hilarious! Especially the part about singing the "itsy bitsy spider" twice and telling so and so not to hit so and so. That sounds so much like my life:) I love you and happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I LOVE SAMSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!