Friday, November 23, 2007

Now I'm a believer

They have been saying it's going to happen for months now. The cold weather is coming, they said. You won't always be sweating in Kolkata, they said. August swiftly gave way to September, September bowed out to October, yet it was not happening. We were still hot. So hot.
Until now. The weather is cooling, and this temperature change brings a lift to daily life. I walk down the street a bit more peppy because there is a breeze, and because I am wearing my hair down, and because for the first time in three months, it's not an epic disaster if I forget to wear deodorant.

By Missouri standards, it's not exactly cold. We're hovering at about 70 to 75 degrees here in K-town, but for natives of this city, this weather qualifies as "Brr! I'm getting out my winter coat!" For the long-promised picture, now worth a thousand words, here is my Uncle. All decked out in his winter glory. Sheila and I are still wearing t-shirts, but each to his own, I suppose.
Here are some other pictures from the last few weeks of life...
Banana flower is edible. Who knew? Sheila and I are helping Aunty with the peeling process. It's a tedious job, and I have to admit, when Uncle took this picture, I was probably thinking, "Can we just have grilled cheese?"

Here we are at Sari Bari, the sewing business where the ladies who leave the sex trade work. Sarah and I are doing some final inspection and patching of the blankets before shipment to the States. These blankets are beautiful. So vintage and cool.

This is pre-Thanksgiving prep. We peeled 8 kg of potatoes, 3 kg of apples, and snapped 1.5 kg of green beans. It was a classic afternoon, especially since we got to watch "White Christmas", which my family watches ever year on the day after Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. A little piece of holiday home. Gee, I never get tired of that movie. Our Thanksgiving table! Beth and her roommates laid out a lovely dinner setting in their living room. For the actual feast, a few other friends joined our team. The great thing is, none of them were Americans. Celebrating Thanksgiving with Brits, New Zealanders, and a Dutch couple was a jolly time.

Dinner itself. This picture is a little dark, but you get the idea. I missed family...but it was a sweet time with my Kolkata family. A simplified holiday with a lot of heart.


  1. that's sweet. what a cool thanksgiving "table"! we had about thirty Mexicans over to eat a huge thanksgiving meal. thank goodness tons of them brought food and cooked the turkeys. our pastor cooked one of the turkeys, and it was magnificent, along with some homemade gravy. mmm...

    uh, your Uncle looks awesome. sweet shirt/coat thing, Uncle!


  2. Thank you for writing and the pictures!! What a treat. The pictures help make it all more real. Have thought of you so much the past days; and your family. Absence does do something to the heart! Thanksgiving is a matter of the heart.

    Trusting you in the Lord's faithful care.


  3. in the world did i not know about your blog before this? shameful.

    beautiful words, lara casey...i love you and miss you...REALLY.