Friday, November 9, 2007

in the classroom of perfect joy

God renews our hearts in little ways. This is our God, He who is the founder of that business of renewal, restoration, and redemption.

Yesterday morning, at our weekly community devotion, God reminded me of the beauty to which I am called. A curtain pulled back to reveal a glimpse of what I know but had forgotten: His Kingdom is larger than we are, and it is a Beautiful Thing. We are blessed to be His workers.

Here is a poem I scribbled with the thoughts lingering after our community time.

There is a time to weep here
Hungry hands reel me in
Like the hands that pulled His robe
to heed their sorrow, to listen to this dukkito golpo*
He always felt the tug
Even in a crowd
Son of God, He wept
Shortest verse in the Bible, I am told
In brevity, mourners find a profound peace

There is a time to laugh here
Heads thrown back, teeth revealed
Stretched-out Savior by a banqueting table
lounging with the ones who know His Name
A cup of warmish cha
five rupee biscuit pack
spilling-onto-saucer life
Surely goodness and mercy follow me
In this wide green pasture, we circle and dance

There is a time to mend here
Sari-clad ladies squatting low
holding needle, pulling white thread
stitch up the seams and rebuild the walls
Those cities called fallen
He christens Sought Out
Can I carry one stone?
I will hold your baby and smile
across the canyon the Babel made when it fell

There is a time to rip apart here
pure hearts must often bleed
lashed with angry words, bruised
Those whom He came to serve the same who beat
His secret left behind
hard to swallow sometimes
In losing life, we find
Twelve baskets of bread handed out to the masses
the world's empty hands reach in and they tear

*sad story

So many paradoxes in Jesus' Kingdom. That which I resist and shrug away, namely brokenness and surrender, are the catalysts to joy and freedom.

Today is Kali Puja, which means that today, most of this city's 15 million are paying homage to the goddess of death and destruction. Pray for our team, as it has been a heavy week leading up to this dark day.


  1. your use of language is both earthy and eloquent, my friend. thank you for giving us a window into the realities and super-realities of the life you are living. i greatly anticipate the chance to sit down and unhurriedly listen to more in person!

    speaking of which, are we planning on reunion-ing the weekend before New Years, or on the Eve itself? my mom mentioned both dates to me, and i wasn't sure which it was that we were planning on. let me know...

    keep up the reflective obedience, friend!

  2. lara.
    i'm unsure of what to say to you.
    but there are tears here,there is pain here,and there is resurfaced desire to serve here because you've allowed me to see a sliver of what you see. man. reading your words make it so real. i'm at a loss.
    and this is me rambling... :)

    i'm praying for you. and i look forward to seeing you when you come home. :)

  3. I think you are great. and you write so beautifully. thankyou for not making too much fun of my lack of bangla skills...I studied today..:D