Monday, October 8, 2007

a little help in imagining kolkata

About time for some more photos.
This is Uncle. With his "chOy choto mach." Or as we would say, "six small fish." Uncle is the proud caretaker of this fish family, and he has named them all after the American girls who have lived in his home at some point or another. So Sheila and I now have fish namesakes. I'm the "lOmbo lal mach." The long red one. To honor my height. 5'9" is quite towering for a woman in India.

Lovely leader Beth. With only two hands and a very beautiful smile, she shepherds six American kids through the streets of Kolkata.

Sonny and me hanging out at Beth's flat. We have community night every other Friday, and this past Friday Josh made some rockin' Southern food for dinner. Leave it to the Mississippi boy. It's funny, because at home, I wouldn't particularily relish fried chicken. But having fried chicken here = close to the yummiest thing ever.
My sweet and good-looking roommate. Guys, she's single. (And she'll probably kill me for advertising that on my blog.) This is our room. We're sitting on our bed. When we are at home, we spend, oh, probably 87.3% of our time on our bed. Aside from a bed, it also serves as a good desk, reading chair, talking-post, rat hide-out, etc. (The rats, by the way, have been much subdued lately. We're sleeping better. Thanks for praying!)

This is the wall outside our house. I think it's pretty. All the moss in-between the old stones. Thought you all might like to see one of the pretty walls in India.

And here is a pretty door. Also close to our house. I love looking for the small things that speak beauty. I love the doors in India. They're all sorts of fabulous colors that most Americans probably would not choose. Teal. Red. Sunny yellow. I think if I ever own a door, I will paint it a bright color.

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  1. yeah! visual aids! i've decided that visuals are pretty darn important. today, i showed my history students tons of pictures about WWII, and they really enjoyed it. in the same way, what a great thing it is to visualize your new, temporary home!

    i definitely smiled about your comment about your height in comparison to other Indian women! :) you are a bit of an anomaly in that society, i would imagine!

    your comment about colorful doors reminded me about the doors in N. Ireland--maybe it's a British thing? apparently the Irish women painted them bright, odd colors in order that their drunk husbands could find their doors when they came home late at night. at least that's how the story goes...