Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ways to pray

I'm glad that some days, all it takes to be a successful teacher is the ability to draw a good elephant or ice-cream cone.

I was back at Sishu today for the first time in over a week. I missed a day last week due to an earache, and then we went to Darj. It was good to see them all again. To give them hugs and be happy with them. To realize that maybe they need love and attention and concern more than they need to be able to perfectly write each letter of the alphabet. And golly, we sure do have a good time coloring. My elephants are becoming quite nice, I think.

I would like to let you know some specific ways you could pray for me. Here are some things I jotted down in my journal a few days back.

-Continued spiritual protection and wisdom--satan doesn't like freedom and truth
-The future of WMF Kolkata. They are dreaming for the future. Ideas of a halfway home for the girls who prostitute and a daycare for the children of the women are two possibilities. I get really excited thinking about the daycare. Maybe someday, the Lord would lead me back here to be a part of that??!
-There is a lady on the road that I take to get to Sishu Bavan. She lives there, I think, because I see her every time I pass. I have stopped and tried to talk to her, but now I am sort of at a stand-still. She wants something from me, but I'm not sure what, because my Bangla isn't that good. Food, medicine, money? Maybe all. How do I love her in a real and relevant way? Pray for specific insight on this. I know I am not called to meet all the needs in Kolkata, but there is something about this lady that keeps tugging on my heart. I think her name is Ranu.
-Along with that, general sensitivity in listening to the Spirit
-A deeper revelation of God's love for me and the world
-Health. I had a bad earache last week, and now I have a sinus infection. I'm worried about the earache coming back, because it still feels a little funky inside there.

I miss you guys! I miss you so much. In three months, I hope to give HUGE hugs to as many of you as I can!

ALL praise to our God! So faithfully He teaches us and leads us. Grace to you as you love and serve Him wherever you may be.

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  1. Precious Lara: Ahhhhh! What refreshing to "hear" your prayer needs! I/We are praying for you daily, knowing that He is the God of all comfort and that He will "perfect" those things which concern you.

    I must say, you are an extraordinary writer. I am so touched to read your thoughts, even the ones that are difficult to read, as we can hear the struggles as well as the Lord's presence in the midst of them. I've given this blog site to some younger girls in my life to read and dream of where God may take them some day as well.

    We commend you to Him, who is able to present us faultless on that Day.

    I love you!!!