Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a new bari (home)

Things not unusual to see during the 15 minute walk from Sishu Bavan to the internet cafe:

-A herd of goats crossing the road (this becomes even funnier if you know what Indian traffic is like)
-"Do not urine" spray-painted on the side of a building
-A side of beef hanging from a shopfront, complete with furry tail
-A goat on a leash (Does this goat want to join the others, I wonder?)
-Taxis with very loud horns. Note the horns seem to have no off switches.

One of the key phrases I learned in my cross-cultural classes at college was, "It's not wrong; it's just different." Indeed, India is very different. Some days the differences strike me as funny, while some days, I am annoyed. On those days, India not only seems different, but incredibly wrong.

We met our host family last night, and it was a riot! It's going to be a wonderful time with Aunty and Uncle Das. They're so funny. They speak just enough English (way more than my Bangla), and their hearts are huge. They have no daughters, only one son, so they have claimed us as their new offspring. The house is kind of like a cottage. If you think British countryside cottage, that's probably the wrong picture, but it is a small, brick house set behind a brick wall...and Uncle grows roses in the front. They live several streets off the main road, so the noise of traffic is remote, and the whole place is very peaceful. And it's officially confirmed: Aunty is a great cook.

In the last dozen days, I have several times experienced an overwhelming feeling settling in my heart. Maybe it's there because of the huge need of Kolkata, maybe it's because I am tired and a little sick, maybe it's because so much of this culture is a complete 180 from my own. Whatever it is, I start to get overwhelmed, and then I want to hide. But yesterday afternoon as I was feeling this way, the phrase that kept ticker-taping through my mind was:
There is no one like our God.
In the heaviness, God speaks, and He says, "I am not overwhelmed, my child. This is my world, and I am God."

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  1. man, i needed to read that.

    God is never overwhelmed. what an obvious and yet previously understood thought. i'm overwhelmed almost every day, and how often does it enter my head that our Sovereign is never surpassed, never worn out, never frazzled at the unevenness of this life?

    your words are insightful, friend. thanks for teaching me lessons across two oceans.

    enjoy the hospitality and "hurting" love of your new fam. may our Lord teach you of his love through them.